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Character Education

Character Education Program Outline


As a school, we will focus on three goals associated with the three trimesters. Character Pillars, Social Emotional Learning Competencies and Service Learning Opportunities will be infused into these goals. 

LCS School Goals: 

First Trimester:  Celebrate what makes us both similar and unique. 

Second Trimester:  Understand and respond appropriately to the thoughts and feelings of others.

Third Trimester:  Understand and regulate yourself, your body, and your actions.

Each week,  time will be dedicated to Character Education activities in the form of classroom meetings, read alouds, and buddy activities. 

The Pillars Of Character

Respect, Gratitude, Compassion,

Responsibility, Trustworthiness,

Self-Control, Kindness, Fairness, and Citizenship

Social Emotional Learning Competencies

Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, 

and Responsible Decision-Making